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Monday, November 07, 2005

You say tomato

Did you know that French vanilla (according to Starbucks) is Vanilla mixed with Hazelnut?Yes, it's true. If you order a French Vanilla whatever at Starbucks, your barista will mix Vanilla syrup with Hazelnut syrup. The coffee at my place of work is so vile, that I've actually sunk so low as to use Coffee Mate in mine. Using the powder version, I mix Hazelnut with French Vanilla into French Vanilla flavored coffee. What does that make it then, triple French Vanilla?I don't know....

Speaking of Vanilla, my husband and I had an interesting conversation/argument over the weekend regarding music. I mentioned that for me, Ten, Pearl Jam, was one of my desert island discs, a top 10er in my book. My husband thought that was ridiculous, and tried to convince me of ten other albums that would displace it. He was unsuccessful. I haven't actually completed my top 10 list, but I know that Ten, is on it. Some others on my list include, in no particular order:
1.Foreigner, Four
2.Derek and the Dominoes, Live, In Concert
3. Phish, Billy Breathes
4. moe. 10/09/03, Gypsy Tea Room
5. Beck, Midnight Vultures
6. Beatles, Abbey Road
As of now, slots 8-10 are being decided. I've thrown around MJ, Triller, but not sure if it will make the cut. I know Rush will be on my list in some fashion and the Stones, Exile on Main Street??? to go through all the muzak....

For dinner tonight:
Gnocci w/chicken sausage and broccoli
Slice your chicken sausage into rounds and saute over high heat until nice and crispy.
Remove from pan, and add in copius amounts of garlic, olive oil and saute over low-medium heat.
In the mean time bring your water to boil, add salt and blanch the broccoli, then shock to stop cooking. Use same water to boil the gnocci.
Add a small amount of flour to the cooking garlic and cook off for a minute. Add broccoli to pan and then deglaze with chicken stock, allow to thicken.
Add the cooked gnocci as well as the chicken sausage back to the pan.
Always season with salt and pepper along the way.....Enjoy.


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At 10:25 AM, Blogger Spidey said...

Now Ten is a great album, but top ten!? Here's a quick list of albums that i think are better.
(not in any particular order)
abbey road
sgt peppers
white album
exile on main street
let it bleed
sticky fingers
dark side of the moon
the wall
Axis:Bold as Love
The doors
remain in Light
London calling
Led Zeppelin 1(and 2,3,4)
Marley's legend
Back in black
After the gold rush
Bitches brew

At 12:41 PM, Blogger mike said...

The Temps
The Tops
Frankie Valle
Little stevie
Little anthony
the diamonds
the g-clefs

Food sounds great...when will you be serving??


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