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Monday, September 25, 2006

Checks and Balances

Lost another 1.6 lbs over this past week. Not bad. I had to get weighed in tonight at another facility because I am not at work until Friday this week. I am at a training through Thursday this week at a local hotel. Gotta love training sessions. I'll give the run-down of the people in my class:

The Sneezer/Cougher - the person who sneezes and coughs the entire day. Shut-up and stop spreading your germs bee-atch.

The Snorter - this person chooses not to blow their nose, rather, he chooses to snort his boogers back at regular intervals - discusting.

The Know-it-all - this person thinks he/she knows more than the instructor, and does not hesitate to let everyone else in the class know this.

The Starer - this person seems to be looking at you everytime you look up. WTF are you looking at?

The Candy-hound - this person eats all the hard candies in the little bowl on the table and ends up with a big pile of wrappers in front of him/her. He also crunches the candy.

The Small Talker - this person from out of town, usually sitting next to you, talks about the bad traffic in Boston, and the lovely weather.

The Techie - this person has his/her cell phone, blackberry, laptop, and ipod out, and on, all at once. Oh, and he doesn't put the phone on vibrate, and it rings during the class.

The Calories Don't Count at a Conference Person - this person eats at least 2 croissants, maybe a bagel, has numerous cups of coffee and goes back for more at lunch.

and last but not least, the Annoying Question Asker, who asks qustions always about the next topic that is going to be taught, so the instructor has to answer, I'm going to get to that in a minute. This is the same person that asks the instructor for Word versions of the templates and documents so she can "cut and paste" them into her documents. Um, isn't that plagerism?

Ah, the characters are colorful - moreso than the content of the training course, that's for sure.


At 1:03 PM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

they must be with you this week then w/me next week here at Innetech...blllech.


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