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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spin Cycle 04/05/07

I have been feeling a bit nutty lately, lots of things going on in my life and I'm trying to make it all work. I took a few days off to rest my brain so to speak. So, come yesterday, and I had no music picked out for spin this morning's class.

When I got to work, I picked out an album that I spin to occaisonally, and listened to it, envisioning what I might teach to it. I semi-worked out a ride and went about my day.
When I got home, my eye spied a CD on the rack, and I decided to switch to using that CD.

Laying in bed last night, cringing, watching American Idol, and thinking how terrible it is this season (except for Jordan, Doolittle, and Lakisha), and a ride came to me.
Talk about last minute. I wrote down my new and improved ride and went to bed.

The music I used is by a DJ named LTJ Bukem. I have a number of his CDs. He works with other artists to create a jazz infused type of drum and bass music, sort of ambient/electronic, but way more musical then say techno. There's no high-hat cymbals repeating the same beat - this music is smarter than that.
His website is here: goodlooking

I used his release called Earth, which actually is a 7 disc anthology. I used Earth 4.
Here is the track listing:
1. The Bloc - Flying Fish
2. The Setup - K-Scope
3. Aztec Gril - John Beltran
4. Extensions of Life - Makoto
5. Timefields - Tayla
6. Seven Miles High - John Beltran
7. Peace of Mind - Makoto
8. Blueberry Muffins - Big Bud
9. Brazilian Sunrise - Artemis
10. Astral sunset - Artemis
11. Axis - Lacarno and Burns

It was a great class with 21 students - a repeating pattern of 5 positions, with a specific amount of time, starting at 2 minutes in each position -> 1 minute in each position -> 30 (s) in each position -> Back to 1 minute -> Back to 2 minutes -> 1 minute -> 30 seconds -> 2 minutes, to bring us to 52 minutes of riding including the warm-up......then cool down.
I rode on Tuesday morning for an hour then did 40 minutes of yoga, and I rode for an hour yesterday as well. So, now, after this morning's ride, my legs are toast.
Good stuff - good for the body and the mind.


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