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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I've been busy

I've been quite busy lately, and haven't had time to blog much.
I had some good friends over last Saturday for dinner and made some great pizzas - the dough came out especially yummy. I tried a product from the King Arthur Baker's catalog: Pizza flour which is a blend of flours and has baking powder in it as well, to give the crust a good push in the oven. I flavored the dough with a pizza flavor blend, also from King Arthur, but for some reason, I cannot find the link to it. My husband said that it really gave the crust a good flavor. I was definitely pleased with the way the dough came out. I also made egg nog ice cream for dessert. Now, I've made ice cream before, many times. I always seem to use recipes that do not require cooking the eggs. This time, I used a recipe where you make a Creme Anglaise first (cooking the egg yolks gently w/ sugar and milk so as not to "scamble" the eggs). It made all the difference! The texture of the ice cream was unbelievable, definitely the best batch I've made. Plus the Myer's Dark Rum that I put in it didn't hurt was a good dinner, lots of food, drink and our kids got to play together, and that was nice.

I'm a big internet shopper, and tend not to go into stores unless I absolutely have to. Sometimes it's unavoidable. So, with holiday season upon us, and having to go in and out of stores, I've noticed that my anxiety level goes up about 5 notches when I have to exit the store and walk in between those sensor thingys - who's with me?? I am always so afraid that the sensors are going to pick something up on me, what? I don't know, and that they are going to buzz, having that annoying announcement come on: PLEASE RETURN TO THE CHECKOUT LINE! I hold my breath every time I pass through them, hoping, praying, that it doesn't beep. Same with travelling and going through the security at the airport. Though I never do set it off, I still have that fear, each time I go through, that it's going to buzz.
Ah what a relief....


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Kris said...

i hate those sensors anxiety is probably some karma-based payback for being a minor-league shoplifter as a teenager.


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