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Friday, November 11, 2005

Yeah, but did you see her hair?

So, I go out for dinner last night, to a restaurant that I had not been to yet; Delfino's in Roslindale, MA. A great spot, Italian Bistro, very crowded. I went with my parents for my birthday, because my husband was working.
The seating situation was tight. We basically were at a table for 2. My dad faced my mom, and I sat in the middle. A table of 3 women sat facing us, in the same fashion. Their table was only 2 inches from our table, so essentially, we were eating dinner WITH them. They were probably about 60 years old, white haired, big night out. They did not order an app or a salad, and they all ordered the same dinner - the swordfish, crusted with sesame, and mustard seeds. Let me reiterate, they all ordered the same dinner.
Well, my parents and I are very close. We all love food and love to go out to eat. We order alot of food and we all share it. First off, we started with the grilled vegetable antipasti plate with prosciuto and cheese. The cheese was gorganzola, and creamy, and the prosciuto was like butter. During our dinner, I proceeded to take some of my father's dish, linquini with broccoli rabe, which by the way was oozing with garlic, and al dente. Then I proceeded to take some of my mother's dish, Puttanesca, which also was delicious (however, my mother ordered it without anchovies! Sacreligious). I had the Taglietelle Bolognese which was pretty damn good. Nice wide ribbons with chunky bolognese, a mixture of veal, pork and beef sauce, slow cooked for a looong time.
I noticed, after I ate off both of my parents' plates, that the old biddy facing me leaned over to one of the other woman and said, Did you see that? She ate right off their plates! I couldn't make out what was said next and some sort of exchange occured. Eventually, the woman said Different strokes for different folks. I was PISSED. So what if I ate off their plates? Who cares?
A little while later in the meal, I was mortified when the wait staff brought me a cannoli with a candle, and sang to me. Well the women across from us in true yenta style had to inquire about the birthday etc, and of course, my mother indulged and talked to one of the women. I guess she said "what" alot, because my mother said, she was deaf as a doornail. My dad said of course she is, did you see her hair? She's so liberal, her legs are straight. Needless to say, I almost peed in my pants. Made for an interesting dinner, that's for sure.


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