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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some things I hate

Here is a short list of things people do that I hate. If you are an offender, don't take it personally (or if you do, you can f-off).

1) I hate people who walk really fast around the office, zipping through the halls, digging theri heels in. Is the job that important that you need to practically run to your destination? Come on, get over it.

2) I hate when cars in front of me swerve to avoid minor imperfections in the road. Please, the car in front of me is usually some shitbox anyways. I can see avoiding a pot hole, but a small imperfection in the road??? Come on.

3) I strongly dislike people that shake their yogurt up and down to mix it. Stir the goodies up from the bottom will ya???

4) I really hate when guys lift the seat up, only to piss all over the rim of the toilet, and the floor, then leave it there. Why bother?

5) I often wonder what people's homes look like after they make a coffee and leave their empty 1/2+1/2 container, and sugar packet, with residual sugar, all over the counter.

6) Lastly for today, I hate it when someone takes the last candy and leaves the frigging empty bag in the drawer. Tres inconsiderate.

I'm not really in a bad mood. Just sayin'.....


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