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Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Bourbon Balls!

Ah, holiday know, I hate to be the whiner, but in this case I my place of business, as holiday time rolls around, up go the decorations. The decorations are ALL christmas decorations: wreaths, christmas lights in the shape of an evergreen tree (hmmm, I wonder what holiday that supports????), small, wooden reindeer, you get the picture.
Curious, I asked our front desk lady, Where's the Menorah? She gave me the following answer: if we start in with that, then we'll have to do them all, Kwanza, Ramadan, you know. You can bring one in if you'd like, just ask HR.
After the stun wore off, I pleasantly replied to her, that I was simply making an observation.
Upon returning to my desk, the phone was ringing, and it was the front desk lady. She said, I just got of the phone with Steve (HR guy), and he said that you could bring in a menorah, you should just talk to him first.
So now, I'm the whining, jewish girl who's complaining about the decorations. Great. That'll teach me to open my mouth.
I asked the question of a fellow, jewish man here at work, who is quite witty and quick. I said, Fred, Where's the Menorah, as we gathered for our holiday lunch, and without missing a beat, he said "Ah, menorah-ty". That sums it all up. Next year, I'll just keep my mouth shut and happily eat the bourbon balls that seem to float around the office at holiday time.


At 6:08 AM, Blogger mike said...

Make sure you check with HR before you have too many "Balls".


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