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Friday, March 31, 2006

Standard Operating Procedure

I am an ANAL QA professional, and I generally like to play by the rules. That's why it frigging pisses me off when some drivers feel compelled to make up their own driving rules. I'm talking about the people who blatantly disregard the rules put in place to make the flow of traffic smooth, so that they can get to their destination quicker.

I have the following 3 examples occur in succession, on my drive home from work:

There is a stop light, where the left lane must turn left, and the right lane must turn right..... some people feel that they can just drive up to the right lane, and THEN put on their left blinker. You know they know that the rule is left turn must turn left, right turn must turn right. It PISSES me off. Now not only is the right lane blocked, so that the people who want to turn right cannot go, but you and all the other poor saps obeying the traffic laws have to wait for this bo-bo to turn, thus holding up the left turn lane when the light eventually turns green.
Scondly, there is a section of the roadway where there road bears and there is a stop sign in the left lane for the bear to the left, and the right lane has no stop sign, but just continues straight. I can't stand it when you stop at the stop sign, only to be passed by some jackass, from the right lane, who not only fails to stop at the stop sign, but then who you almost end up hitting, because you can not see him on your right, as you start to go from the stop sign.
Lastly, there's another fork in the road where when in the left lane, you must bear left. I actually got a ticket once, for doing what I was supposed to do, and that is bear right in the right lane. This woman chose to bear right from the left lane and cut me off, so that I was practically touching her car. A police man saw this and pulled me over for TAILGAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awful. The other woman clearly was at fault, and I got the shit end of the stick.

I'm not saying that I never break the rules, however, I do have respect for the rules put in place that govern the road. Most rules were put in place to regulate the safety of that roadway. Yeah, it sucks when you get to the left turn lane, and you're the 9th car or so at the red light, and you know that you're probably not making the next light cycle. So, yeah, you just gotta suck it up and get in line. You know the people that are blowing by the other cars know full well that they are supposed to wait in the left lane with the rest of us. There's no playing the ignorance card here. But what am I to do? Just turn up the radio, I guess. My Sirius keeps me (somewhat) sane.


At 7:48 AM, Blogger Kris said...

Hi Sharon, this is Artie Lang...waaaaaaah I can't get to spinning class as quick as i want...waaaaaa....I'm late to my fav organic snob restaurant..waaaaaah.....

At 8:53 AM, Blogger anne altman said...


At 1:53 PM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

KK that comment has me laughing..sorry Sharon

At 9:44 AM, Blogger whipcreamy said...

i meant to comment on this the other day...i feel your frustrations. but sometimes i wonder if i am that asshole...

At 5:09 AM, Blogger Sharon S said...

erin, you're not that asshole, you're that "masshole"!!!!


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