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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

There is a TIRE god!

Well, the tire god was looking down on me today! I get to the Subaru dealer fully expecting to $300 for a new tire. The service man indicated that it was time for my 7500 mile service, and I was like, not after paying $300 for a new tire it's not!!!! I did however, indicate that I wanted an oil change as well, which is essentially the same thing as doing the 7500 mile service anyways....
I went to the waiting room to settle in. An hour later the service guy comes up and says, good news! We found a piece of glass in the tire which we removed, and so we are trying to fix the tire. CHA-CHING! So, I told him to go ahead and do the 7500 mile service since I wasn't paying $300 for the new tire. I got out of there for $99!!!!
Whew-hew! There is a Tire God! :)


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