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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

UGH. I really CAN NOT stand my work situation these days. I have to share an office with a colleague due to construction of a new building (which is going to be connected to this building, by a bridge), and I really can't stand this person. I am at my WITS end. This person is queen of mouth noises; anyone who knows me, knows I CAN NOT stand mouth noises. I've even gone so far as to tell my own husband to stop chewing before. This girl eats WHOLE frigging cucumbers for a snack!!!! HELP. She is also ALL business. From the minute she walks in, until the minute she leaves, it's all work. She makes calls all day, talks to herself, bangs on the keyboard, opens and slam drawers. I mean, I just can't handle it anymore. People don't want to come in to say hello to me anymore because they think they'll disturb the person sitting next to me. I find her to be inconsiderate because she never tries to be quiet and does not give a hoot that I am in the room, and might need a bit of quiet to do (what little) work I have.
Meanwhile, I can't concentrate 1 iota.
There is no love lost between us, and I am sure the feeling is mutual here. Given the fact that she walks in and doesn't say good morning kind of clued me into that fact. It makes for a ridiculously uncomfortable day. The construction of the new building is set to be complete in April, just a couple months away. However, then the building that we are sitting in will undergo a face lift, and so I have no idea when I get to move out of this living Hell.


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