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Monday, February 13, 2006

What bodes well for me...

not much to say....I spent a good hour and a half this morning debating on whether or not to go into work. I was not sick per say over the weekend, but I definitely was not 100% well either. I am stuffed up and have these waves of nausea that take over my existence. And no, I'm not pregnant...I took care of that last July.....I got out of bed, picked out my clothes, got back into bed. Decided that I was being a wimp, got out of bed, went to unlock the door for our nanny, and planned to get into the shower, but got back into bed. Thought about making that call into my supervisor and decided that it wasn't worth it so I got out of bed, and into the shower, got dressed and wanted to get back into bed, but did not. And, sucker that I am, I'm sitting at my desk now, wishing I was at home. I have a 10:30 meeting and I think I'm going to bolt after that.

And what the hell is going on over there in Italy? What has happened to all the US olympic gold hopefuls, Bode, Ohno, Rhalves. At least White, the Flying Tomato was able to pull it out and win the gold.
Bode Miller is an interesting guy. Visit this website It is a Nike website and contains video clips of Bode talking his philosophies. He doesn't believe in winning persay. He does his sport for the pure love of doing it, and needs no validation from anyone else but himself.
He is anti-media and rarely grants interviews, so it is nice to hear him speak so candidly on the website. Sure he's being sponsored by Nike, and I'm sure he's making a bundle of cash. To tell you honestly, I think he is just using Nike, flat out using them. He has his own agenda and he plans to exploit Nike to spread his message, which is that TV and the media are to quote Bode "mind-numbing", that athletics is the place to find your true happiness and to not let others dictate how to find that happiness. I love his answer when being asked how he felt about being a "sex symbol"....his reply....if it gets me more sex, than great. Love it, a loose cannon, to say the least, but he has a strong message, and I respect it.


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