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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A huge step back for Women's rights

South Dakota has passed a bill making abortion illegal in the state; basically, it is a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion in the state of South Dakota. They can be fined $5000 and go to jail for 5 years. This is a huge step back for women's rights. Will this set precedence? Yes, of course it will.
The senator who "owns" the bill, Senator Juile Bartling is a DEMOCRAT!?! A DEMOCRAT!?! She was quoted as saying the following: "It is the time for the South Dakota Legislature to deal with this issue and protect the lives and rights of unborn children" I love that, "unborn children". This SICKENS me. Is an 8 week old fetus a child?!?! Lets birth an 8 week fetus and see how well it does.

People are now saying they will not visit the state and it's most prestigous landmark, Mt Rushmore in opposition to the law. This is an interesting stand to take. . The forefathers of the US, hang out looking over the land, symbolizing free living and rights for all. It is the ultimate irony. The state of South Dakota is giving rights to a fetus that cannot survive without a host, and taking the rights away from the very host that can house that fetus. I just don't get it.


At 8:06 AM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

That is a set back for sure. I had been hearing about this on the news. I just wish the wording could be changed. Pro Choicers want that right to choose..i always say you'd be hard pressed to find someone that is PRO ABORTION. Nobody is..but giving someone the choice makes complete sense. S.Dakota was never on my radar as a tourist visit anyhow.

At 5:52 AM, Blogger mike said...

our country is in trouble....we feel sorry for your generation and even more for your children's...

the separation of church and state is a falacy...
the muslims want the world..

the pats let Vinitieri leave..

damon went to the yanks..

oh well!!


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