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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Homemade English muffins

I recently got myself a set of english muffin rings and made myself some homemade english muffins. I used a recipe by Alton Brown (Food Scientist Extrodinaire). The batter is a yeasted batter and calls for a short 30 minute rise.

Brown's recipe called for using an electric griddle set on 300. I don't have an electric griddle, but I do have a regular griddle (non-stick), so it was a bit of trial and error where cooking temperature and time were concerned. The temperature was a bit too high for the first 4 that I made, so I reduced the temp for the second four and they cooked up golden brown. I had to cover the rings in some way, so I placed a jelly-roll pan over the top of the rings (the bottom was sprayed with cooking spray), and that worked pretty well.

The second time I made the muffins, I doubled the recipe and swapped out half of the AP Flour with Whole Wheat Flour. I liked the taste of these muffins better; they were more nutty tasting.
Doubling the recipe worked well and it allowed me to sock a bunch away in the freezer.

Good stuff - don't know if I'll ever buy Thomas's again.....


At 6:56 PM, Blogger anne altman said...

i wondered what the f*ck those were! i have a few from a yard sale, made in france, and i use them to make perfectly puck-y fried eggs for egg samiches just like they have at mcdonalds.

i will never make homeade muffins but that's because i'm a terrible person.

At 7:07 AM, Blogger Sharon S said...

hah dink - you're not horrible!
Leave the cooking to me!


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