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Monday, July 17, 2006

Lima....Ohio, that is, not Bean

Greetings from Lima, Ohio. Yes, that's right, Lima, Ohio. I am here on business. Well, Spencerville, Ohio, is where I'll be doing my business, but I don't believe that there is anything else in Spencerville except for the place I'll be visiting, so we are staying in lovely Lima.
I have never been to Lima, Ohio before (in fact I've never been to Ohio before).
First impressions - it's flat, with lots of fields.
Everyone parks their cars on their front lawn.
There are lots of birds of prey, floating high in the humid sky.
It's so hot here, my nipples are sweating.
You can get your car fixed, have a beer and some pizza while you wait at a place called the Lug-nut.
Texas Roadhouse does not employ the smartest people.
Gas is cheap here at 2.84 a gallon.
Its' 8:33pm, and the sun is so strong, you can still get a burn.
The bed at the Hampton Inn is pretty frigging comfortable.

So, there will be no Spin Cycle this week, as I am not teaching....
I will try and post again tomorrow.


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