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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Being the reality TV junkie that I am, I had to check out Simon Cowell's latest and greatest show, Celebrity Duets last night.
All I have to say is wow.
That show sucked.
First off, I don't understand how they can call the show "celebrity duets". The "celebs" on the show are D list, at best: Lucy Lawless, Carly Patterson, Hal Sparks, to name a few.....right, I don't really know who they are either.....
The musicians they chose to sing with the celebs should be embarassed to have performed on the show.
2 out of 3 guest judges were lame - Little Richard and Marie Osmand!?!? The third judge, producer David Foster, actually has some balls, but unfortunately did not get to use them because he critiqued last, and due to Marie Osmand taking up all the time, he didn't get to say much. And, what the hell is Little Richard on? Guest judge my ass. I couldn't understand a word he said.
The best thing about the show was Wayne Brady, who at one point made some joke about the "brothers" with his arm around a puffy Alfonso Ribiero.

I watched and cringed, almost feeling the need to turn the channel a number of times, but because it was so bad, I kept watching.
That is until I clicked on Guide and determined that MHD (that's music high-def) had Coldplay on and watched that for 45 minutes, thus missing the second hour of Celeb Crapfest.
I did catch the last 15 minutes and saw the first elimination: WWE champion Chris Jericho - awful, just awful!

Guess what, there is an encore performance of the show tomorrow at 8pm on Fox, just in case you missed it....


At 7:33 AM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

thanks for the warning! I know what NOT to watch..gad zooks!


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