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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

He brought Sexy Back

Let me preface this post by saying the sound at the Fleet Center or whatever it's called these days, is TERRIBLE.
Now having siad that, the show last night was GREAT!

I was thoroughly impressed with Timberlake's musical capabilities. I went in not knowing what to expect, but Timberlake played the acoustic guitar, piano, synthesizer, sang, and danced, and did it well. There was a 7 piece band, 4 back-up singers, a bunch of dancers, and some rap dude, Timbaland, who worked with Timberlake on his latest album. They played for little over 2 hours (which included a 20 minute "intermission" where Timbaland did a DJ scratching set, complete with music videos etc- it was about 10 minutes too long, in my humble opinion).

The stage set-up was incredible - it was center of the floor, with 3 tiers to both sides of the room, making what looked like an egg shape with 2 circular stages on either side and a dog bone going up the middle. The band was set up on both sides of the middle dog bone part. Hard to really explain.
Here's an excerpt from the review in the Boston Globe:

Timberlake's was arguably the most elaborate concert set ever erected at the Garden. A winding series of performance spaces connected by staircases filled much of the arena floor, with band members situated on both sides of the structure. Massive, semi-circular scrims encased pieces of the stage, doubling as gauzy video screens during the two-and-a-half-hour show.

Other than the sound really sucking, the production of the show was impressive. Timberlake played a great mix of songs, and some were even rearranged.

The crowd was different than I expected - waaaaay less younger girls than I thought there were going to be, and more middle aged women. Not too many guys, some guy couples, some girl couples. The screaming factor was huge though. I have never heard screaming like that before - the term deafening comes to mind.

Pink was a perfect choice for an opener. She sported a 5 piece band and 2 back-up singers as well as 2 dancers. She played for only 45 minutes - I thought that was lame, and that she should have had more time. That girl can sing, her voice is super. Mid-set, all the band members left the stage except for the guitar player (who donned an acoustic guitar) and back-up singers, and they sang Pink's controversial song "Mr President" - highlight of the set for me. For her last song, 2 pink drapey rope thingys were dropped from the lighting truss. Pink and her 2 dancers used the drapes to suspend themselves, being raised up towards the truss doing all sorts of spins and twirls and acrobatics. Very cool.

All and all, I can say that I am glad I dished out the money for this one, and despite that fact that everyone is ragging on me here at work in my group, I am in no way ashamed that I went last night. Besides even if I was ashamed, I have moe. on Friday night to look forward to as a redemptive strike....:)


At 10:50 AM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

god you want to hate him so much but when they can do it well its hard to do so! Glad you had fun!

At 8:24 AM, Blogger whipcreamy said...

lucky! (in napoleon dynomite voice)


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