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Friday, October 12, 2007

Spin Cycle 10/11/07

Sorry for the late post.
I used a song in this week's ride that I used to ride to, and sort of lost for a while, but found again recently with my "CD importing into itunes" project.
It is a 12 minute song by a band called Percy Hill, from New Hampshire. They were an excellent band, very jazzy and improvisational, that got lumped in the jam band category. I really appreciated their music, and was disappointed when the band sort of fell apart as a few of the members left and went on to other musical ventures.
The song is called Sooner or Later. Given that it is a 12 minute song, it gave me the opportunity to really mix the choreography up. It started on a hill for 2 minutes into a flat for just over 2 minutes into jumps for just over 2 minutes, into a flat for just over 2 minutes, up to a run for 2 minutes and back down to a flat to finish. Good stuff.
The ride also included songs from Phish, moe., George Benson, and Aretha Franklin. A truly diverse ride.

1. Oh Lei - Commotion
2. Like the Way I Do - Melissa Ethridge
3. Witness - Roots Manuva
4. Sooner or Later - Percy Hill
5. Since You Been Gone - Aretha Franklin
6. On Broadway - George Benson
7. You Can't Hide - Maktub
8. Tailspin - moe.
9. Two Princes - Spin Doctors
10. Birds of a Feather - Phish
11. Steve McQueen - Sheryl Crow
12. Reelin' in the Years - Steely Dan


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