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Thursday, September 06, 2007

To Satisfy March To The Sea

A quick post about moe.down.
The weather was awesome, cool overcast mornings, sunny warm afternoons, crisp cool evenings.
The music was good.
moe. played great, however, I didn't love their song selections.
Other bands that played included The Meat Puppets (interesting, but did they fit in with the moe.down crowd? I don't know....) and Perry Ferrell's new band, Satellite Party. They were the highlight of the weekend for me. They rocked. I stood on the stage, off to the side, with Louise for almost the entire set. She loved it! Perry's myspace site
Both the puppets and Perry Ferrell sat in with the moe. and that was interesting.
Other bands that played were Lotus (great), Strangefolk (sucked), Al and the Transamericans (standard), Ha Ha the Moose (didn't see them, but heard they were awesome) and Medeski, Martin, Wood and Scofeild (way out there, not as funky as I would have liked them to be).

I'll post some pictures soon of the kids at moe.down.....there was an awesome Kids Tent on Sat and Sun which was jam packed with activities for the kids to do, including a Buster parade, which brought the kids up on stage in their Buster the Flying Pig get-ups, while moe. played Buster to start the Sat afternoon set.


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