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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Spin Cycle 07/26/07

You know, it's interesting to me. I subbed spin last Sunday, and used the same music that I used last night and today, and I gave 3 totally different rides.
The rides on Sunday and last night were very fast paced, and this morning's ride was not as fast paced, but still hard none the less. This morning we climbed 2 20 minute hills with a 10 minute flat in between. Good stuff.

I used the music from Chicane. Now, I've been struggling with how to explain what type of music it is. I went to the website to search for a better explaination. Chicane is the project of a person named Nick Bracegirdle. He writes and produces all of the music, as well as directs the band's live performances. I guess he has trouble defining his music too, because the website has quotes like "It is a common mistake to think that Nick is a DJ" and "For years Chicane has been pigeon holed as a dance act".

The music is definitely electronic and has a techno edge to it, but it's actually pretty sounding and not annoying like techno can be. I used his release Far From the Maddening Crowds for the ride. I'm not going to list the songs, because I basically put it on (started on song 3) and let it go from there. Only 1 of the songs actually has words in it.

Like a chicane, which actually is a word for a winding road, the music on this release flows and winds around, circling through a theme which recurrs in the music. There is a back beat to it so it's great to ride to.

I listened to Chicane's most recent song that was released and unfortunately, it has words and is a bit cheesy. If you want to check out the music, listen to selections from Far From the Maddening Crows and not the more recent music. If you go to the Chicane website, there is a music player in the upper right hand corner. Fast forward until the song OFFSHORE, which is from the release I used today. Apparently, based on information from the website, this release is no longer available.

Anyways, have a good one. I'm actually listening to the song Dig by Incubus, over and over and over. I love it.


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