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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spin Cycle 06/21/07

Ever wake in a panic, knowing you've overselpt?
Yup, that was me this morning.
My daughter had a tough sleeping night, and I was up with her a bunch of times. So when I fell back asleep again at 4 am, having to get up at 5 am, I was doomed!
Well, I woke up at 5:33 am, and bolted to make it to my class at 6 am.
I brushed my teeth in the car!

Again, no rhyme or reason to the tunes. Just a bunch that I like:

1) Teardrop - Massive Attack
2) Real Gone - Sheryl Crow
3) Who Knew? - Pink
4) Soulchild Remix - Gorillaz
5) Semi-charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
6) Rich Girl - Gwen Stafani
7) California Soul - Riot Act
8) Jump Around - House of Pain
9) Speed of Sound - Coldplay
10) Ring My Bell - Anita Ward
11) Smooth - Santana
12) Girl - Beck
13) Got to Be Real - CherylLynn
14) Pick up the Pieces - Gomez


At 4:12 AM, Blogger bbb said...

Hey Girl -
Heading back for 3 weeks in August. I will make it a point to get to Healthworks....maybe u can hook me up with some passes? Scotland July 19th. I have printed out your restaurant reviews. Hoping to hit a few while I'm in Edinburgh. Peace!


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