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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

From Nature to Plate

That is the philosophy of the restaurant I ate at tonight.
The Kitchin, wonderful , truly a wonderful eatery.
The chef, Tom Kitchin, believes in using sustainable, fresh and local foods. In fact, one of the items on the menu, the scallops were not offered this evening, because the waters were too rough last night, and the divers could not dive for them!
That's how fresh and local the ingredients are.
The meal started again, with an Amuse Bouche, a petite dish of small chunks of Burgundy potato, olive tapenade over a salt cod mousse, with burgundy potato crisps and pea shoots. The salt cod is made by Chef Kitchin, and it is cured for 2 weeks, then washed continuously for 24 hours before using.

I then had the Spring Salad, a mix of greens, including herbs and pea shoots, with shaved fennel, thin rounds of beets, burgundy potatoes, burgundy potato crisps, baby artichoke, aspargus, green beans and a hard boiled quail egg. So fresh and light - the perfect way to open the meal.

For dinner, I had roasted halibut, served over a confit of squid, with olive tapenade and a brilliant green pea sauce and sauce of local garlic.

I had dessert tonight - fresh mint tea, with "Peach and Pistachio", a grilled, quartered peach, with pistachios, homemade pistachio ice cream, and an almond cookie. A drizzle of chocolate sauce crossed the plate.

WOW. I am at a loss for words, and can only say that this has been a great eating week, and I feel fortunate that I have gotten to experience this fine dining. As a foodie, its what I dream of all the time, and to have it 4 nights in a row, its crazy.
I told my supervisor that I happen to be travelling with, who is NOT a foodie, that he could pick the restaurant for tomorrow night, and that he has been a good sport for coming to these restaurants.
I'll report back, but don't expect anything other than pub food.....not that there's anything wrong with that either.....


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