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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spin Cycle 07/12/07

Long live Tito!
Continuing with the tropical theme, because it's been so freaking hot, today's ride is brought to you by Cuba (and the like). It came down to the wire, and I literally figured out the ride yesterday. I gathered the music late Monday, selected the songs for the ride on Tuesday, and planned the ride yesterday. It's the working part time thing that has me a bit off schedule where putting rides together is concerned.

Part of the problem is that I don't have itunes yet on my new computer at home, and have my itunes music on my work computer, as well as on Rob's computer at home. Rob got the Airport Express and is trying to gather all of our music to one spot (Airport Express is some device to play your music through your stereo remotely from a computer - brilliant concept, if it works).

I taught at 6:30 last night, so I could finesse the ride for this morning. Both classes were great and hard - 15 students last night and 21 this morning. Cuban/Salsa/Mambo music is always a big hit with my students, so they were pumped.

Love it.

Here's the list :)

1. Saludo Company - Compay Segundo

2. A Namorada - Carlinhos Brown

3. Soy la Candela - The Salsa Kings

4. Samba - Faze Action

5. I Like it Like That - Peter Conde Rodriguez

6. Coro Miyare - Fania Allstars

7. El Ritmo de Verdad - Lego

8. Atabaque - Jazzanova

9. Descarga - Tito Puente

10. Salsa Caliente - Tito Puente

11. Si Tu No Sabes, No Te Metas - Ricardo Lemvo

12. Guallando - Fulanito

13. Yay Boy - Africando

14. Campina - Afro Cuban Jazz Project

There were some other songs selected that did not make it into the ride:

1. Tree, Air and Rain on the Earth - Mondo Grosso

2. Sensemaya - Carlos de Nicaragua

3. Lambada Timbales - Tito Puente

4. No Me Cambie Camino - Celia Cruz and RayBarretto


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