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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I've been into motivation these days, it's what's keeping me going. I'm usually not into motivation to tell you honestly, but it's working for me right now.
I joined Tiger Woods's newsletter and read his blog regularly now. He is very inspiring.

My dad passed this on to me, and I had to post it. It's regarding Dave Feherty, a former PGA golfer and now writer and broadcaster on golf; here he describes a shot that Tiger made and Ernie Els's reaction to it (Ernie is another golfer, who is excellent in his own right):

David Feherty on Tiger

"People have accused me of being so far up Tiger's arse that he can
barely make a full swing, but I maintain that he is a special person.
There's no one else on the planet who can do what he does or even think of
doing what he does. I've often thought, instead of showing Tiger's reaction
to a shot he's hit, we really should show the reaction of those around him."

But here is the next best thing. "I'm walking down the 18th fairway at
Firestone Country Club with Ernie Els and Tiger, who has popped up a
three-wood about 40 yards behind Ernie into some wet, nasty, horrible,
six-inch rough," Feherty says.

"Tiger's cursing and taking clumps out of Ohio with his three-wood. And,
of course, we're not showing this on TV because we want to be able to
interview him later. Ernie and I walk past Tiger's ball, and it is truly

"Ernie is tied with Tiger and he's in the middle of the fairway. I'm
standing with Ernie and my microphone is open. Ken Venturi [in the CBS
booth] sends it to me and I say, 'Tiger's got 184 yards with two big red
oaks overhanging the green. He's got absolutely nothing. With a stick of
dynamite and a sand wedge I might be able to move this ball 50 yards. Steve
Williams [Woods' caddie] tells me [with a hand signal] that he's using a
pitching wedge.'

"Tiger takes his swing. Every muscle in his body is flung at the ball.
It looks like he's torn his nutsack. The divot went as far as I could hit
the ball. I've got my microphone at my mouth thinking, what the hell was
that! The ball sails over the trees, lands behind the hole and backs up to
about six feet from the flag. I open my microphone and Ernie turns and says,
'F*** me!'

"My producer comes on in my earpiece and says, 'Was that Ernie?' I say

He says, 'Fair enough.'

"I could have described that shot for 15 minutes and not done as good a
job as Ernie did with two words. This is one of the best players in theworld talking, and you wanna know how good Tiger is? Ask Ernie Els."

Hopefully you've read the whole thing and are either smiling or in awe right now....


At 3:41 PM, Blogger bbb said...

Hi - I'm in Edinburgh for the weeknd. Going to "The Shore" tomorrow night and then The Open Champioship Sunday at Carnoustie.


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