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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spin Cycle October so far

Wow - when I logged on it said "Last time published, Sept 27, 2008"....I've missed 3 weeks of Spin Cycle!
Well, the first week was a wash, because I used 2 old playlists for the 3 classes I taught. The past 2 weeks, however, I have made 2 neat playlists that I really dig.
For Oct 8-10th, here's the set:
1. Another Way To Die - Alicia Keys and Jack White - yes, they made a song together, and it is pretty powerful
2. Can't Find The Words - Karina
3. Me Cai - Pacifika
4. Neo Violence - The Tough Alliance
5. Leavin' - Jesse McCartney
6. Lovebug - Jonas Brothers
7. Papa Nidaye - Orchestra Baobab
8. Rainy Day Blues - Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis
9. Light On - David Cook
10. Love Lockdown - Kanye West
11. Shape of my Heart - Noah and the Whale
12. Keeps Gettin' Better - Christina Aquilera
13. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Plain White T's
14. Madly - Tristan Prettyman

Last week's playlist, Oct 15-17th I really liked as well. I got some older electronic music going as well as some newer songs (not necessarily electronic). Good stuff, lots of energy....
1. The Bomb - Bitter:sweet
2. Miss Independent - Ne-Yo
3. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
4. Don't Stop....Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaattaa
5. She Cries Your Name - Beth Orton
6. Pump Up the Jam - Technotronic
7. Possession - Sarah McLachlan
8. Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson
9. Wrong - Everything But the Girl
10. 6 Underground - The Sneaker Pimps
11. It It's Lovin' That You Want - Rhiana
12. Dancin' In the Street - Mick Jagger with David Bowie
13. Hold On - Sarah McLachlan
14. Catfish John - Old and In the Way (Jerry Garcia and Friends)

Both weeks classes were great and I'm ready for this week. I had the cortisone shots on Thursday afternoon. I did teach on Friday morning, and rode pretty reserved. I am only just beginning now to feel better (Sunday evening). There is hope for me yet!
I'll post this week's setlist in a more timely fashion!!!