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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spn Cycle Jauary 7-9 and 14-16 09

Happy New Year.
My Spinning year started off with 2 killer weeks of playlists. Both were high energy and the response was great. My classes have been packed, of course, it's the new year and those resolutions are strong. I always get a handful of new students in January (and of course, they show up with like 2 minutes to go before class - set up on the bike and a good explanation of proper form and use of the bike takes like at least 5-8 minutes).
I make the recommendation to the new spinner to simply stay in the saddle, play with the resistance and get to know the positions and the calls. Some new students listen, others do not.
Anyways, here are the tunes....

Jan 7-9, 2009
1. Intro - The New Deal*
2. I Feel Love - The New Deal*
3. Bad Girls - Donna Summer
4. This Love Remix - Maroon 5 (Call and Response Album)
5. Viva La Vida (Thin White Duke Mix) - Coldplay
6. Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
7. Don't Stop The Music - Rhianna
8. I Feel Love - Donna Summer
9. If I Never See Your Face Again Remix - Maroon 5 (Call and Response Album)
10. A-Punk - Vampire Weekend
*The New Deal is a great band that plays on the jam band scene; I might call them techno jazz. Their version of I Feel Love by Donna Summer is GREAT. Since I was plying Donna this week, I couldn't resist putting The New Deal's version on.

Jan 14-16, 2009
1. Dee-Lite Theme - Dee-Lite
2. Far Behind - Eddie Vedder
3. Rescue Me - Hans Zimmer
4. Radio - Beyonce
5. Declaration - David Cook (American Idol winner from last season. His self titled album rocks, and he wrote or co-wrote 9 out of 12 songs on the album - AI Haters, stick that in your pie hole)
6. Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf
7. Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers
8. It Thought I Lost You - Miley Cirus and John Travolta
9. Ego - Beyonce
10. Shattered (Turn the Car Around) - O.A.R.
11. See You Again - Miley Cirus
12. Tonight - Jonas Brothers
13. Hold On - Jonas Brothers
14. Wipe Out - The Safaris
15. Last Dance - Donna Summer
16. Ave Maria - Beyonce
17. The Time of My Life - David Cook

I just made my playlist for this week's upcoming classes....gotta give it a few listens to make sure it's rideable.......over and out.