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Friday, November 30, 2007

Spin Cycle 11/29/07

Shrek is big in my house these days. My kids love all 3 of the movies. So, I usually try to get the music to go along with it. That diverts them from actually sitting down and looking at the movie, yet, it's still a connection with it. So, I used a couple of songs from the Shrek 2 soundtrack on this ride, and a bunch of other songs for no rhyme or reason.
Here they are:
1.Hitsville UK - The Clash
2. Le Freak - Chic (Shrek 2)
3. Accidentally in Love - The Counting Crows (Shrek 2)
4. Livin' La Vida Loca - Antonio Benderas (Shrek 2)
5. Christine Sixteen - Kiss
6. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
7. Cars - Gary Numan
8. Caught Up - Usher
9. Come Out and Play - The Offspring
10. The Stand - The Alarm
11. Electricity - OMD (Orchestral Movements in the Dark)
12. Is It Any Wonder? - Keane
13. Seven Below - Phish
14. Rhythm & Blues Alibi - Gomez
15. Last Goodbye Jeff Buckley

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy post thanksgiving morning.

That I did.....

I hope you all don't feel like I do - a walking piece of frosted stuffing.....I was a failure in the department of self control when it came to the stuffing bowl, and this outrageously good, messy chocolate cake, with vanilla frosting.
Now begins the damage control....

Anyways, you can check out more of my cool cookies that I made for the holiday on my Thyme To Cook blog, cookies:

For some of you music lovers out there. Here's a funny conversation that took place between Max, age 5 and Louise, age 3 this past Wednesday.
Max had early release, and so Lou and I went to get him at 1:15. We came home and started rocking out. I happened to be listening to Rush, because I heard New World Man on the radio in the car and said to myself, Gee, I need some Rush!
So, when I put Rush on, here's the conversation:
Max, age 5: Mom is this moe.?
Me, (age, who cares): No honey, it's Rush!
Max: oh Rush, cool, proceeding to go crazy dancing like a freak.
Louise, age 3, No, this is moe..
Max: No Louise, it's Rush!
Louise: No, it's moe.!
Max: Well Louise, you can think it's moe., but it's really Rush.
Brilliant! Get 'em started early with music, You'll appreciate it.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Spin cycle 11/15/07

Again, sorry for the late post. The days have just been getting away from me!
I wanted to spin to some Dead, and so this week I threw a couple Dead tunes on the list as well as some Jerry Band songs for the cool down. I also included a favorite of mine by the Black Crowes, Wiser Time. Right in the middle was Crocodile Rock. One of my students came up after class and thanked me for putting that song in the ride, and she said it "took her back to high school".
The class was strong, as we climbed 2 long, large hills. My legs were on fire, as I had an interesting experience on Monday, and you can read about it on my Thyme To Cook blog.
Here's the ride:
1. Bossa Per Due - Nicola Conte
2. Deal - Grateful Dead
3. Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
4. Franklin's Tower - Grateful Dead
5. Wiser Time - The Black Crowes
6. Crocodile Rock - Elton John
7. A Message - Coldplay
8. Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry
9. December - Collective Soul
10. At the River - Groove Armada
11. Waiting For A Miracle - Jerry Garcia Band
12. Get Out of My Life - Jerry Garcia Band
Happy Thanksgiving - no spin cycle next week :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Spin cycle 11/08/07

In honor of my birthday, I picked some songs that I like to spin to for my rides this week; they are not my favorite songs, just songs that work well on a spin.
Here it goes:
1. Break it Down Again - Tears for Fears
2. Wind It Up - moe.
3. Funkytown - Lipps, Inc
4.The Long Way Around - The Dixie Chicks
5. Everybody Got Their Something - Nikka Costa
6. Girl - Beck
7. What Goes Around/Comes Around Interlude - Justin Timberlake
8. Good To Be Alive - DJ Rap
9. Freedom - George Michael
10. Violet - Hole
I actually forgot to put cool down music on, so that's it for the list this week. It was a good ride, especially Violet. I got everyone ramped up, thinking about all the people that piss them off on a daily basis. I haven't seem them ride it out like that in a while....thanks Courtenay!
Happy Birthday to me.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Spin cycle 11/01/07

Suck the head, Squeeze the tip......
Get your head out of the gutter. We're talking crawfish! Louisiana baby, Louisiana.
Music from Louisiana this morning. You know, a bit of voodoo, a bit of creole spice and cajun flair.
The crowd appreciated it and 1 student even asked if I'd burn it for her.
I have been to NOLA 4 times, every time for Jazz Fest, which is an amazing celebration of music. We haven't been since Max was born, and I think I'm ready to go back. (I gotta start making some money!!!! COOKING)

Here's the list:
1. La-Ti-Da - Marcia Ball
2. Two Step Mamou - Wayne Toups
3. Caravan - Dirty Dozen
4. Hey Labas - Queen Ida and the Bon Temps Zydeco Band
5. Bow Legged Woman - C.J. Chenier
6. Crazyhorse Mongoose - Galactic
7. Voo Doo - The Neville Brothers
8. Door Poppin' - Carol Flan and Clarence Holliman
9. Lafayette Breakdown - Cajun Playboys
10. Ayiti - The Neville Brothers
11. Louisiana - Percy Mayfield
12. Piano Roll - Eddie Bo
13. Louisiana Two-step - C.J. Chenier & the Red Hot Louisiana Band
14. Johnny Can't Dance - Wayne Toups and Zydecajun

Happy Halloween, and Happy November....9 days until I turn 38....