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Friday, April 14, 2006

Snack site

One of the greatest websites , EVER, is
On this site, they review snacks, snacks and more snacks...snacks of all types.
Take for instance the Cape Cod Jalapeno and Cheddar chip, which, I just happened to try and really like. Here is what had to say about them:

"Taste: These are very good chips. They've got all the great crunch and wiggly shape of Cape Cod's regular potato chips, combined with a very tasty and somewhat hot jalapeño flavor. You don't really notice the cheddar flavor that much, because it's overpowered by the jalapeño, but the combination of the two flavors makes these extremely tasty. The taste is moderately hot, and it leaves a hot aftertaste in the back of your throat, but it's not supermegahot.
Aroma: Mildly strong jalapeno smell with even milder cheese".
I agree, whole heartedly. The flavor was distictively jalapeno, which overpowered the cheddar. I did get a bit of nasal drip upon eating these chips, which wasn't actually so bad.

Each time you go to the site, a random snack is on the home page. I just checked out the site, and an Israeli snack was featured: Dip and Munch Pretzels, Sesame and Herb. Here is the review: "Taste: These were flat pretzel sticks, a bit under 2 inches in length, coated with lots of sesame seeds on one side. The density of sesame seeds was about twice as high in reality as it was in the pictures on the bag. The pretzels tasted good, with a nice sesame taste. Unfortately, I didn't have any dip on hand when I ate these, but the shape would make them ideal for dipping into something. Aroma: Kind of a toasted sesame aroma".

Chips are definitely one of my downfalls. I have a hard time resisting them. A favorite chip of mine, which we cannot seem to get here in Massachusetts, is the Ketchup chip. Lays has a delicious Ketchup chip, which you can get readily in Canada. I happen to be going next week to Montreal, and so, you know what I'll be coming home with.....the Lays Ketchup chip is a thin, crispy, yellow chip, covered in the Ketchup flavor, which gives the chip a maroon color. And yes, they do taste like ketchup. There is a vinegar flavor to the chip, but not like a typical Salt and Vinegar chip does - it's more subtle in the Ketchup chip. Definitely on of my favorite chips.
Here is's review of the Lays Ketchup chip:
"Taste: These are really good ketchup chips. The flavor powder is an impressive deep red, which contrasts strongly with the potato color, so you can easily tell which chips have the most ketchup flavor. When the ketchup powder mixes with the saliva in your mouth, it makes it taste like you're eating ketchup on a chip. You get tons of ketchup powder on your hands when you eat these, so bring a napkin. Aroma: Smells like ketchup".

I was checking out the Jobs page of It looks like they need a pretzel I hear a career move calling to me? I do enjoy are the qualifications for pretzel editor:
1. Knowing the difference between Rold Gold and Snyder's of Hanover, by taste. (I can do that, I think)
2. Being able to argue on both sides of this question: Which is better, pretzel rods, thin pretzels or pretzel sticks? (Hands down thin pretzels)
3. You must be able to chew on a pretzel rod as if it were a cigar. (Are they kidding??)
4. Knowing the difference between Angus Crunch and his brother Justo. (Have no clue)
5. Ability to discern pretzel staleness at its earliest stages, 5% and less. (I have a built in Stale-o-meter)
6. Being willing to jump onto a plane to Borneo to see their newest pretzel creation. (I didn't realize they had pretzels in Borneo)
Hmmm, I think I qualify....They are also looking for a Cheese Puffs editor....not as appealing to me, though, I do like cheese puffs, in some regards. They are waaaay to artificial for me to eat on a day to day basis.
Anyways, check out the site and look for the review of your favorite snack food!


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sweet lord I need to work for that site!


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