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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Spin cycle 08/31/06

Goodbye Summer, (Hello Fall).....It was 53 when I got in my car this morning!
Today's music was sponsored by the Groove Armada, a "band" from England. I put band in quotations because it really is a duo, Andy Cato and Tom Findlay. I love these guys. They have a real keen sense for music. Their music is funk, disco, reggae, hip-hop, down-beat, and house all rolled into one. Great to spin to. I happened to catch a concert on MHD (music-high-def channel) from Wembly stadium, that they played at, and was pleasantly surprised to see them. They sounded great live, actually played their own instruments and put on a good show...

(Pic from Wikipedia)

Here's the Breakdown:

1. Hands of Time, Lovebox
2. Final Shakedown, Lovebox
3. Chicago, Vertigo
4. But I Feel Good, Lovebox
5. Lovebox, Lovebox
6. Pressure Breakdown, Northern Star
7. Easy, Lovebox
8. What Have We Become, Northern Star
9. If Everybody Looked the Same, Vertigo
10. Tuning In, Goodbye Country, (Hello Nightclub)
11. My Friend, Goodbye Country, (Hello Nightclub)


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