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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Spin Cycle 09/14/06

Bonjour! and Ola!
Today's spin class brought to you by the Latina Cafe, a Cuban restaurant and club in Paris.
I visited there for work and stayed in Paris for the weekend. My colleague and I went to the Latina Cafe for dinner. The restaurant is upstairs, and the club is downstairs. They pipe the music throughout the place, mostly international or "world" as the call it with a Latin feel to it. They sell double CDs entitled Latina Cafe and package them with Disc 1 as the Restaurant, more mellow, and Disc 2 as the Club, more upbeat.
For some reason, my students really go for the Latin music.
This morning, I used Volume 3, el Club disc.
Good stuff, if you like Latin music.
The CD is called Latina Cafe Tercero Volume
Here is the breakdown:
1. Que Palo Es Ese - Los Van Van
2. El Cuarta Dl Tula - Truco and Zaperoko
3. Santa Barbara - Celine Gonzalez
4. Demasiado Corazon - Willy Deville
5. Campo - Sidestepper
6. Romo Dao - Los Sabrosos del Merengue
7. Descarga - Gerardo Fresina
8. Felicidade - Suba
9. Ensaneia - Choc Electique
10. Sune Sigh Say - House of Gypsies
11. When I'm with You - Lego
12. Damelo - DJ Gregory
13. Latin Quarter - Barrio Children
14. Fatmazeau - Bagatelle

Volume 3 is definetly the best of the 3 volumes (in my humble opinion).
Check it out........


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