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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tucker Carlson CAN'T dance

Wow. Tucker Carlson can't dance. Not that I thought he could or would be remotely good. He was downright awful. Disturbing. Scary. Painful.
I'm talking about Dancing with the Stars, last night. I actually didn't get through the whole show without falling asleep. However, I did get to see Emmit Smith, and Mario Lopez, both danced well. Mario Lopez is my pick to win the whole thing.

It occured to me, as I slipped out of my warm bed into the freezing cold air of my bedroom this morning, that we have not had the central air system running for quite some time. This is good.
My electric bill last month was 100$ less than the previous month. It was a rough season for cooling our huge (ha, ha, ha) house. Hopefully it wont be as demanding on the heat this winter. You never know, living in New England.
The mornings are cold here now, and I have used the heated seats in my car all week....

I ate a delicious salad last night for dinner:
Chopped heirloom tomatoes
Chopped Cukes
Chopped Red peppers
Bulgar Wheat
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice

The tomatoes of the season are just about done :( but the corn is still going strong.
I have an abundance of green peppers and think I am going to bang out some relish....didn't do any pickling this season, because the variety of my CSA was so great. The melons have been super sweet as well. Coming up, winter squash :)

On another note, I've joined Weight Watchers through work. Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I really do have a few pounds to loose that are lingering from when I was prego w/ Louise. I just need a reality check with my portion size etc. They gave me a goal of a 12 lb loss, but I was thinking more like 8-10 lbs. I'll keep you updated.....


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