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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Corn Report!
Heads up on a great snack called Gladcorn, the A-maizing corn snack. You know those half popped kernels of corn at the bottom of your popcorn bowl? Well, thats basically what Gladcorn is, but bigger and better. The kernels are either semi-popped or just about to pop open. They are crunchy, not hard, so they do not break your teeth when you bite them. I have only tried the "Original" flavor, which is a basic salted kernel. I love them.
The company, GEF Gourmet Food, Inc is a Whole Food company - grains that is. They farm corn and soybeans amd sell whole grains and flours. Gladcorn happened by accident, while one of the owners of the farm was working on an alternative fuel recipe - ethanol. From the website:

"Stan's desire to live independent of as many outside energy sources as possible has led him to other experimenting. It was a quiet night on our farm. Stan was in the kitchen, working on a new ethanol fuel recipe. Gladys was catching up on some reading. Stan stepped into the living room for a moment while a batch heated up on the stove. Suddenly, KABOOM! Stan and Gladys came running. There was exploded corn all over the kitchen! Being the inquisitive type, Stan was more interested in tasting the stuff than cleaning up or explaining to Gladys - though by now she had gotten somewhat used to this sort of thing. While it didn't look like much, he discovered that it was about the best tasting stuff he'd ever eaten!"

They offer different flavors such as Jalapeno, Cheddar and BBQ on their website, as well as Soy nuts, and other Organic whole grains from other farms throughout Minnesota.
Check out the website to order.


At 9:43 AM, Blogger anne altman said...

sounds good, but i see a non-digestable toilet experience in the making there...

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