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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The new Gomez

I'm really digging the new Gomez release: How We Operate.
Gomez is a band from the UK and have been playing together since 1996, had their first realease in 1998, and have been going strong ever since. I think we saw them for the first time in early 98?? or 99?? I forget, but we've seen them probably 8 times since then??

They are beautiful song writers, and have the ability to use their voices as instruments to create hauntingly light and beautiful harmonies over some intense, driving guitar riffs. Their studio releases are like works of magic, full of textures, sounds here and fills there.

Their live show is definitely RAW. I call them the masters of the "composed" jam. Those who know me, know that I love moe. and phish, who are all about the lack of composition when it comes to jamming. With Gomez, I find myself not missing the lack of composition, because they are so good at the "composed" jam, that it is OK. I love to watch Oliver Peacock, the drummer of the band when we see them play. He is like a less messy Keith Moon.

How We Operate does not disappoint. A friend who got it before me was not digging it at all, and told me I'd like it if I liked Jack Johnson. Upon hearing that, I got a bit nervous, because you're talking about 2 TOTALLY different types of artistry and music. I mean, you really should not even mention them in the same breath.
Well, my fears were squashed upon first listen. It is typical Gomez, maybe a bit more toned down, or, mature, as I might put it. Beautiful harmonies, string arrangements, driving guitars, thumping drums. I love it.

What I have found is with each Gomez release, is that 1 song sticks out as a favorite, like right off the bat. On How We Operate, after giving it a once over, my favorite song is Hamoa Beach.
I love it. I love the whole album actually. As with all of their releases before How We Operate, I know that I will listen to it probably 3X per day for the next few months!

If you are not familiar with Gomez, do yourself a favor, and familiarize yourself with them. Pick up their releases and play them loud, in order of release date:
Bring It On, 1998
Liquid Skin, 1999
Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline/Machismo 2000 (like a B sides release)
In Our Gun, 2002
Split the Difference, 2004
How We Operate, 2006
They also released a live recording, I think it's called Out West, a show recorded at The Fox theatre in Boulder, CO???(I think!!). Regardless, look for that release as well, as it is a good representation of their live show.....


At 11:01 AM, Blogger anne altman said...

got some moe scoop fo' ya beeyotch

At 10:44 AM, Blogger whipcreamy said...

gomez is playing at bonnaroo!!!!!


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