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Monday, May 15, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Its bad enough when it rains (torrentially) for 5 days in a row, but throw 2 toddlers into the equation, and well, you do the math. Sure, we went out and did activities, swimming class, Costco, Trader Joe's but by this morning, lets just put it this way, I was good and ready to come into work. A weekend like this and it becomes virtually impossible to do anything but spend money.
Oh, and for the record, going out to eat with an 18 month old is ridiculously hard. We went out for Mom's day with my parents last night. We had planned to go to a kid friendly restaurant which starts seating at 5:30. I called to ask if I needed a reservation, and they were like, Oh No, you'll be fine at 5:30. So, we get there at 5:25, and they are like, do you have a reservation? So, I said, No, I called yesterday and they told me I would not need one at 5:30. She said, Oh but we have a bunch of reservations coming in at 5:30....Great. Well, they sat us, and our dinner was under way. My son, Max, who is close to 4 was great. My daughter Louise, who is 18 months, lasted about 2 minutes in the seat before we had to take her out and walk her around. Once the food came, it only kept her attention for another couple of minutes before we had to walk her around again. Thank god dinner only lasted an hour... Ah, but I digress....

Survivor Finale
So Aras was the big winner on Survivor. Not too psyched about that, as really, Terry, should have won, but what can you do.... For those of you who watched the finale, how priceless was Shane's speach at the end? That was worth a million bucks right there....

John Mayor Trio
Just got a copy of Try by the John Mayer Trio....I love it. I think John Mayer is a talented guitar player and song writer. The trio is himself with Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino. Reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn at times, the trio really rocks. Good stuff.

Glade Plug-in
For diaper managment, we use the Diaper Pail. It has a top that moves forward and back and as it does so, the diaper goes down the shoot, being covered up by a plastic middle part. That way the stink does not permeate out. However, our Diaper Pail is now just shy of 4 years old, and the stink is beginning to permeate out. We decided to put in a Glade Plug-in in Lou's room, to try and stink out the stink. It just so happens that at one point, we had a couple Glade Plug-in nightlights but they have since shit the bed. We still had a box of the stinky cartridges so I ran out to the store to get another Plug-in device. I got a new plug-in as well as another box of smelly things to put in there, Vanilla-Cream to be specific. Here is the conversation I had when I got home:
My husband, going through the CVS bag: Is this the Plug-in? Why'd you get this? It's too big.
Me: It's fine.
Hub: What's this (pulling out the Vanilla Cream cartridges)? We already have some.
Me: Well, I wanted to try Vanilla.
Hub: Vanilla? Vanilla? Vanilla can't cover up the doody smell. It will just be like Vanilla Doody smell.
Me: How do you know? It might be good.
Hub: Vanilla Doody.
Anyways, we plugged in the Plug-in with the cartridge that it came with, some crazy scent like Paradise, or Desert Oasis, like those things have scents associated with them, and Glade knows what those scents are....the room smells better already....I'll have to let you know about the Vanilla plug-in when we get to it.....


At 11:01 AM, Blogger anne altman said...

happy mother's day, mumma

let me know about the vanilla poo.


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