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Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm back!

Hi - back from the left coast! I had no internet access last week from Tuesday - Thursday. That sucked. But, San Diego is lovely! What a great place.

Got there on Tuesday afternoon at 2 Cali time, and went to the zoo. It was great to walk off the 2 legs of my flight in, which amounted to 8 hrs+ of travel time. The San Diego Zoo is quite a place. I managed to see a good bit of the animals, including the baby panda, who was asleep in the bough of a tree. Mama panda was chillin', eating some bamboo. I witnessed a HUMONGOUS HIPPO sneeze, and almost blow out the glass of the tank. I was graced with the beauty of a child saying Look mommy, the turtles are fighting, as one turtle aggressively mounted another. Some deer also got frisky while I was there. The peacocks roam free at the zoo. I wonder if that pisses the other animals off..

Anyways, that night for dinner, I ate at an amazing sushi restaurant called RA. AMAZING sushi (even more amazing when it's expensed). So frigging good. I almost went back on Wednesday as well, but I was too pooped, and too hungry after my day working. This was a tough audit for me to do. The lab I was checking out didn't really have it's act together, and while the people were nice enough, and treated me to lunch, I had to lambaste them at the end of the day. Made it a little uncomfortable, and made me wonder what they said once I walked out the door.

Flew back on Thursday on an uneventful (thank god) and quick flight....thank you jet stream.
The movie on the flight was The Breakup. Now, wasn't it supposed to be a comedy? I felt the sad scenes outweighed the funny. I must have looked like a complete idiot, with tears streaming down my face. Funny though, the guy sitting in front of me made some comment, to no one in particular, or to whomever would listen, and said, Did you watch the movie? What was the point of it, I didn't get it. (For those of you who might not have watched the movie, and plan on watching it, I am now going to talk about the ending)....I said to myself, it was evident what the point was. When they bumped into each other on the street, Vince Vaughn was well polished, thinner, and was holding a bunch of bags from high end stores. It's evident that he totally changed into the man that Whats her name wanted him to become. As they ended the conversation, and walked away from each other, they both turned around to look back at each other, and Vince Vaughn winked. Clearly the viewer is lead to believe that they get back together. At least that's what I gathered....That guy was the same guy who turned on his cell phone when we landed and proceded to listen to voicemail, and make phone calls on speaker phone. Ah, hello, you're on a full plane. Do you really think we want to hear your business?
Oh, and did I mention I was in the like, last row of the plane, close to the bathrooms which STUNK!?!? The stewardess actually went as far as putting coffee grounds into the bathroom to make it smell better. It was vile, really.

Anyways, back to reality on Friday, the reality that I really hate my job, and hate my new supervisor. The person I reported to for the past 3.5 years has left the building, and I have been reporting to a new person for the past couple of months. He is a DICK. He likes to make comments about me, in public forum, at our group meetings. Here is his most recent comment.
In a meeting we were talking about a colleague who was running late, but got to our meeting on time. I said something along the lines that she had been in since 10 of 9, that I looked at my clock when I saw here come in. And DICKHEAD goes, is that the same clock you look at when you leave in the afternoon? I was, and still am furious about it. Really made me angry. I'll keep you posted on this one. I am just writing down every offensive comment he says and I'm keeping them close.

Halloween tomorrow!


At 8:51 AM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

i have heard the zoo is great..someday I'll get there.

The boss sounds like a douche..that blows.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Sharon S said...

total douche.
it really sucks.

At 6:24 PM, Blogger anne altman said...


the title of not yet written my autobiography so don't steal my trick


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