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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Spin Cycle 11/16/06

This morning, I had music picked out, and decided to switch at the very last minute. I had created a ride that would fit with a continuous beat, so the switch did not matter for the ride.
It did matter for me, however, because I was feeling a bit schleppy, and needed that little extra something to get myself going.
I switched to what I feel is perfect for Spinning: Body and Soul Volume 3. It is a mix of acid jazz, trip hop, house, gospel, disco, you get the idea. I have 4 Body and Soul Volumes, and 3 is my most favorite. My students love it as well.
I gave a super class - it was a "add-on" class, where after a warm-up, I started a 15 minute pattern with 5 moves, building on after each minute interval. So, the first set was 1 minute, second was 2, third was 3 etc. I repeated it twice at one minute intervals, then did one with 30 seconds, and climbed hills (2 minutes) in between. Awesome!
Here's the setlist for Body + Soul Vol 3:

1. Closer I Get - Maria St James
2. Never Forget (When You Touch Me) - Hardrive 2000
3. Philly's Groove - DJ Romain + Danny Krivit
4. Soul Talkin' - Deep Bros
5. Equitorial - Dubtribe Sound System
6. Tribute - Soul Ascendents
7. Jaguar - The Aztec Mystic
8. Groove La Chord - Aril Brika
9. Organ Nights - Scott Grooves
10. I Shall Not Be Moved - Underground Ministries
11. Watch Them Come - Men from the Nile
12. Casa Forte - Snowboy


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