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Friday, November 10, 2006

Nov 10, 1969

Birthdate of none other than, moi, AND, Sesame Street. So Happy Birthday Sesame Street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I dropped another 1.4 lbs bringing the grand total to -10.2.

Have a happy Veteran's Day. Enjoy the weather.


At 7:45 AM, Blogger anne altman said...

ten pounds, dink?


At 8:28 AM, Blogger Sharon S said...

yeah - I needed to shed that layer of "baby" fat. It was about time - max is 4, lou is just about 2....that's long enough...

Plus, right now, that's about all I can control in my life....
everything else seems to be beyond my ability to get a hold on...

At 6:03 AM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

happy b'day to you and the SSteet.

Well done on the loss too!!

At 6:59 PM, Blogger The Dabbler said...

sorry I missed your birthday -- happy belated! See you in December.


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