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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Spin cycle 12/12-13/07

Great Spinning week for me. A friend and fellow teacher had asked me for a profile, so I used the same one that I gave to her to use. It was an add-on type loop that repeated itself, with 2 hill climbs.
It was a very satisfying ride without being exhausting.
Here is the music (I've been sneaking in a lot of Phish lately, I love it!!!):

1. Muria - Metro Area
2. Another One Bites The Dust - Queen
3. Lust To Love - The Go-Go's
4. Anthem - Gus Gus
5. Disko Doctor - Groove Armada
6. Machine Vibes - Metro Area
7. Twist - Phish
8. Anthem - Moby
9. Respect - Aretha Franklin
10. Papa Was a Rolling Stone - George Michael + Queen
11. Lock and Key - Rush
12. Under Pressure - Queen
13. A Man and a Woman - U2

Have a good weekend....


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