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Thursday, November 30, 2006

They weren't smoking in the boys room

I need to share what happened to me yesterday.

I had a meeting for work at another facility and I needed to get gas. So, I knew there was a full serve station on my way and planned to stop there.

I pull into the gas station, which is also an auto shop. There appears to be no one around. There are no other cars at the pumps, but there is a van with it's hood up and a Jeep off to the side.
There are no people around - no mechanics, no gas dudes, no one.

So, I wait about a minute, looking around and wondering where the hell my gas pumper is then I decided to get out of the car and go in the office part of the station. I notice that there is a bathroom door, 1/2 open, with an out of order sign on it.
I pull open the door and was about to say "hello" when I hear a woman moaning and breathing heavy, who is clearly getting laid.

I was totally stunned, and thought about walking into the bathroom, where Mr gas "pumper" was probably getting in on, but my balls weren't that big, and I so I closed the door to the gas station office, 1/2 laughing, 1/2 still shocked, closed my gas tank and drove off.


At 7:20 AM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

that is what you can call a "Full Sevice" station...


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