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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Spin Cycle, December 26, 27 and January 2,3 2008

Ola, sorry for the lack of posts. With school vacation and going away, it became almost impossible to computerize.
Last weeks classes were all hills. The class was very effective and it was set to music that I have used before, Body and Soul, Volume 3. It is a compilation of dance tunes with a steady back beat making it perfect for hill work.
This weeks classes were set to another continuous beat, this time from the Latina Cafe series. I also have written about this music before - cuban/french dance music. The series of compilations comes from the Latina Cafe, a posh restaurant/club in Paris. Great food, great drink, great atmosphere. To start off 2008, I gave a super instructional class this week - instructional, but with flair. It felt good and I think the class appreciated the refresher. I know the dug the music!
Happy 2008.
Look for a new playlist next week.


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