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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spin Cycle 05/21-23/08

Tito, please get me a tissue.....Janet, Ms Jackson if you're nasty.....Wardrobe Malfunction....ah, the list is endless, and yes, I used my Jackson Family playlist for my classes last week.
The classes needless to say, were fast and furious! I also subbed on Sunday the 25th, but didn't use that playlist, but the class was pretty fast as well.
The Jackson playlist can be found here: Michael Jackson used to be good.....
One note about the classes. In each class, there was at least 1 person who did whatever she wanted, throughout the whole class, and did not follow my ride whatsoever. No big deal, as I do stress to "make it your own ride"....however, it is a bit distracting when we are all seated, riding a hill and the person is up in 3rd....or when we are doing jumps, and the person is up in 3rd climbing a hill. Annoying.
Anyways, I'm off to teach 1 of 3 classes for the week.


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